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What's "ulwimbo" anyway?

'Ulwimbo' is simply the Bemba word for 'song'. We, however, also chose to use this term for its closeness to a derivative of another Bemba word 'ukwimba' which means 'to dig'.

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We dig deep

Going beyond just the music, Ulwimbo delves deep into lyrics and the creativity behind them. We explore the depth and richness of African culture and society as reflected in song lyrics and other related forms of art.

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Africa to the world

Making African artists and their work more discoverable online is at the heart of our efforts. We believe just a little more presence on the web would go a long way in helping local artists go global.

Now what?

Now that you know what we're about

We invite you to be part of the Ulwimbo Community by engaging in discussions, making suggestions to the Ulwimbo Team, commenting on and sharing our posts on social media, and telling your friends about this site.

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