1M in 3 Days: How Chile One Broke Yo Maps 1M views on YouTube

1M in 3 Days: How Chile One Broke Yo Maps 1M views on YouTube

In November of 2022, Yo Maps responded to his critics by releasing ‘Aweah’ after the Disciplinary Committee gave him a thorough beating. The public, looking to make Maps pay mainly for his wife’s public transgressions voted for Chile One in all categories. The Aweah video was an instant hit, breaking a Youtube record for reaching 1M in 4 days.

Personally, I do not like these overly specific records. I just feel it’s a case of splitting hairs for the sake of creating some sort of buzz. Soon, someone will be crowned king for being ‘the first Zambian artist to reach 1 million views in 3 days, during the rainy season, under the UPND government

But since the category has already been created, yes Chile One’s ‘I love you video just hit 1 million views three days after being posted on Youtube. This is the latest reminder that Yo Maps could be falling behind, and it has his Kiddist’s fingerprints all over it.

But just how did Chile One pull this off?

The success of Chile’s latest single is the result of a well-executed publicity move. You see earlier this month, December 2022, Chile confessed his desire to tangle with Mwizukanji on a romantic basis. He posted:

Mwizukanji was game posting:

Indeed a few days later, the two celebs posted a pic showing Chile handing an excited Mwizu a bunch of flowers. This was it. The stage had been set and all eyes were on the ‘couple’. Most people thought Chile was indeed dating Mwizukanji. Not me. I am far too familiar with such publicity stunts to fall for them.

A day or so later, I saw Macky 2 post:

It was a video of Chile One’s song apparently for Mwizu titled ‘ I love you’. As far as songwriting goes. it was a simple, straight-to-the-point hit. Mwizukanji also shared the video and in that post made it clear that it was all staged, and that she had to get permission from her boyfriend.

Basically, the success of the song is half great music from Chile and half great marketing with the help of Mwizukanji.

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