Chile One vs Yo Maps: Mwizukanji’s Revenge

Chile One vs Yo Maps: Mwizukanji’s Revenge

So, Mwizukanji and Chile One collaborated on what has turned out to be a record-breaking single. Now if you know the atmosphere around Mwizukanji, Chile One, Yo Maps, and Kiddist, the latest development does seem like some sort of satisfying revenge inflicted on Yo Maps by Mwizukanji.

Yeah, she said she had moved on but come on – We all know she at least has found some satisfaction in the turn of events.

Here is a summary of what happened:

Mwizukanji dates Yo Maps > Yo Maps blows up> Yo Maps and Mwizukanji break up > Chile One arrives on the scene with some strong hits> Mwizukanji pairs with Chile One> Chile One blows up.

I wonder how Kiddist and Yo Maps feel about this, and just how elated Mwizukanji must be. In a sense, you could say Mwizukanji was not dating Yo Maps because he was a star. He was a star because he was dating Mwizukanji. Now, her Midas touch just got Chile One another record. Whether this is the case or not, it does look like it.


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